Modula is a modular approach to an experiential district. Inspired by urban tech campuses, this district offers unique co-working spaces, affordable micro-apartments, local entertainment, educational centers, and experiential public spaces that are open to all. Simple swap one module out for another or keep expanding the district, and the community will still function cohesively and innovatively. 
Design and plan a sustainable community in a 800' by 1200' space
Graphic Communication |October 2021 - December 2021
Beginning with the 800' by 1200' plan, I broke up the space into 400' by 400' squares to create modules that each served a distinct purpose in this community.
Further research into today's sustainable and urban campuses inspired the different functions of each module. The squares will each provide a space for residents and visitors to live, cultivate, experience, innovate, and entertain all in one district. 
Known as a small-scale and low-cost approach to neighborhood building, these temporary interventions can help bring ligh. Parklets have been a popular design solution to expand seating during COVID while offering an opportunity for local restaurants and retail to rebrand their space to serve the community. Immersive pop-ups and art installations have also been used to address societal issues in a more artistic and accessible way. 
The following parklet and experiential park enable innovators to express their work and engage with the community in a safe and interactive space.

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